Forests – the lungs of the Earth

Presentation of the topic “Forests” to pupils – We will prepare the participants to be able to participate successfully and effectively in the 5th meeting held in Finland. We will introduce topics such as carbon stock, carbon mass, carbon emission, thermodynamic equillibrium. We will use online learning materials created by the Finnish students to share the above mentioned theoretical concepts and employ online tools (eg KAHOOT, Socrative, learning apps) to check whether the students from the other partner countries have understood these concepts we will rely on in the Finnish meeting.

The Finnish students and teachers will create a questionnaire to test how the participants’ knowledge about the forests has improved. The number questions will be 20, the number of respondants will be 50 students aged 14 to 19 directly and indirectly involved in the project. The Finnish team will evaluate the results to measure the efficiency of our learning materials. We will use online tools for the testing (Kahoot or Socrative). The Finnish team will write the summary of the results and share them with the public.

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