Be the garderner of your own future

Presentation of the topic “Plants” to pupils – We will prepare the participants to be able to participate successfully and effectively in the 4th meeting held in Portugal. We will introduce topics such Photochemical reactions, Photosynthesis reaction, electromagnetic radiation; Aromatic plants and their properties, etc. We will use online learning materials created by the Portuguese students to share the above mentioned theoretical concepts and employ online tools (eg KAHOOT, Socrative, learning apps) to check whether the students from the other partner countries have understood these concepts we will rely on in the Portugal meeting

The assessment will take place conducted by the Portuguese school. The assessment will be online and it is aimed at measuring the efficiency of the activities and the learning materials we will produce during the Portuguese meeting. The Portuguese team will analyse the data and share their findings with the other partners and all those who are interested (we will use the website of the project, the e-Twinning and other public surfaces to publish our results).

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